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bookAre you tied up to your work and important activities that you can’t give time for your exercise?

Worried about your increasing weight?

When the weight started to add up and his overall health declined, Dr. Anselm Anyoha realized something needed to change. His doctor wanted him to take pills, but that was just going to cover up a problem—not fix it.

While he previously enjoyed fast food, refined cereal, soda, and other goodies, he cut those out of his diet and retooled his lifestyle. Now, he takes responsibility for what he eats. In this handbook for healthy living, he shares how to equip yourself with credible information about food; discover truths about your own body that can help you lose weight; appreciate the dynamics between weight maintenance and physical fitness; and understand the relationship between obesity and diseases such as hypertension.

By researching nutrition, resisting the food industry’s ploys to win his taste buds, and relying on willpower, Anyoha lost thirty pounds—and he’s kept it off for more than two years. You can match and beat his results by taking control of your health and with the guidance of How Broccoli-Head Lost Thirty Pounds!